UMCmarket is The United Methodist Church's program that allows donations to local churches through online shopping. A percentage of your shopping will be donated to Gordon Memorial to carry out our mission to make disciples in and beyond our community. Support Gordon Memorial for FREE while shopping online. Click on the following link to get started

Top 3 Reasons to use UMCmarket this Holiday Season!

1.  Your church has a mission.
Your church is reaching out and changing lives this holiday season. Shopping and donating through UMCmarket can help your ministry make a difference.
2.  Donating is easy.
Over 50% of families will be doing their holiday shopping online the next few months.  So why not shop through UMCmarket and effortlessly have a percentage of your purchase donated to your ministry?
3.  The Holidays are about Giving.
We give as a symbol of the greatest gift that God gave us, His Son!  Whether it be presents under the tree, the offering basket, or sharing a meal with someone in need, giving helps us remember what Christ has done for us.